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Three Sisters Collection: Sweetcorn, Climbing Beans (Blue Lake Stringless) & Winter Squash (Uchiki-kuri)


Three sisters is a traditional planting combination, widespread among Native American farming societies. The 3 species complement each other, both nutritionally and while growing.

The nitrogen-fixing beans climb the natural poles of the corn, helping to make them more stable while adding nitrogen to the soil. The squash vines create a living mulch reducing evaporation of moisture from the soil. A large amount of biomass is created to return to the soil the following year.

Corn needs to be planted in a block, for improved wind pollination. The beans and squash should be planted within this block.

Winter Squash (Uchiki-kuri)

Climbing Beans (Blue Lake Stringless)

Golden Bantam Sweetcorn (open pollinated).


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