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Scilla Peruviana, Hyacinth of Peru, Cuban Lily, Portuguese Squill


Starry flowers that droop like bells on spikes with strap-like leaves; colors range in blues, whites, pinks and violets; heights and bloom times also cover a wide range; one of the most shade tolerant bulbs; most are hardy in zones 4-8; late spring/early summer blooming.

Scilla peruviana, the Portuguese squill, is a species of Scilla native to the western Mediterranean region in Iberia, Italy, and northwest Africa.

Although the epithet peruviana means "from Peru", it is strictly a western Mediterranean species. Linnaeus named the species in 1753, noting an earlier name given to the plant by Carolus Clusius, Hyacinthus stellatus peruanus. It is said that Clusius misunderstood a statement that the bulbs came from a ship called "Peru" and thought that they came from the country.

It is a bulb-bearing herbaceous perennial plant. 


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