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Raphanus sativus caudatus, Rat-Tail Radish


The rat-tailed radishes are cultivated for their large edible seedpods. This group of radishes does not produce roots of good quality, it is cultivated mainly for the edible young seedpods which are harvested in the summer.

The growing plant repels beetles from tomatoes and cucumbers. It is also useful for repelling various other insect pests such as carrot root fly.

Radishes are a good companion plant for lettuces, nasturtiums, peas and chervil, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Sow spring in situ. Germination should take place within 2 weeks.

Prefers a rich soil with ample moisture. Dislikes very heavy or acid soils. Plants are susceptible to drought and require irrigation during dry spells in the summer or the root quality will rapidly deteriorate and the plant will go to seed.

Edible uses:

Young leaves - raw or cooked. A somewhat hot taste.

Flowers - raw. A nice spicy addition to salads.

Young seedpods - raw. Crisp and juicy, they must be eaten when young because they quickly become tough and fibrous. They can grow more than 60cm long, but they tend to become tough and fibrous when more than 30cm long

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