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Oenothera glazioviana, Large-Flower Evening Primrose


The flowers open in the evening, they are richly scented and are very attractive to moths. The seeds are a good food source for birds, especially finches. 

Usually self-sows freely if in a suitable position.

Prefers a dryish well-drained sandy loam and full sun. Heavy clay soils may induce winter rots. Succeeds on poor soils.

Sow in situ from late spring to early summer.

Edible uses

Root - cooked. Boiled and eaten like salsify. Fleshy and succulent.

Young shoots - raw or cooked. Mild and inoffensive.

Seed contains 28% of a drying oil. It is edible and a very good source of gammalinolenic acid, an essential fatty acid that is not found in many plant sources and has numerous vital functions in the body. Difficult to harvest, it has to be done by hand.

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