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Free Seeds For Kids


3 x packs of easy to grow herbs, flowers or vegetables, free of charge, to inspire and introduce children to the joys & benefits of gardening.

Each seed pack has simple to follow instructions.

The varieties vary, depending on stock, but will include, for instance, heirloom sunflowers that are very easy to grow, so that children of any age can get involved.

The selection includes species that also provide habitat or food for bees, butterflies and birds, introducing children to the concept of wildlife gardening. They are also flowers, herbs and vegetables that can be eaten by humans, including edible flowers which are loved by children.

To obtain your free seeds, simply order here as you would any other purchase. On checkout you will be asked to pay only the P&P charges (UK £0.85, EU £1.50)

I am happy to send larger quantities of free seeds to schools, home education groups and other children's organisations. Please send an email to andy@foodforests.eu with details of your organisation and the quantity of seeds required. Please do not order multiples here.

Note: I receive a lot of requests for seeds from schools & other organisations that work with children. I try to provide seeds to every request, regarding this as a really valuable aspect of my business, but Heirloom & Perennial Ltd is a small fledgling company with limited resources.

Of course, your purchases (and those of your friends - please recommend the website) help the business to grow, enabling me to make these seed donations, but perhaps some of you might consider contributing directly towards seeds for donation to children's groups? I would love to hear from anyone willing to do so, or any information about organisations that might be interested in helping fund these donations.

If you have recently emailed me asking about seeds for a group of children, please bear with me. I am still managing to send parcels to every enquiry, although there is sometimes a delay. Thanks.


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