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Dianthus Superbus, Fringed Pink - Red.


Perennial dianthus, with fragrant, red & beautiful fringed flowers (more red than the photo).

The fringed pink, called Qu Mai in Chinese herbalism, has been used in Chinese herbal medicine for over 2,000 years. The whole plant is a bitter tonic herb that stimulates the digestive and urinary system, and also the bowels.

Prefers an alkaline soil but tolerates slightly acid soils. Succeeds in any well-drained peaty soil in sun or light shade. Plants succeed when grown on the top of a broad or retaining wall.

A very hardy plant, tolerating temperatures down to about -20°c.

The flowers have a soft sweet perfume.

Edible uses:

The leaves, stems and tops are boiled, steeped in water and eaten as a potherb. Young plants are also eaten. One report says that they contain saponins but that the leaves are apparently not toxic. Probably this is because the content of saponins is too low to be harmful.
Children suck the flowers for their sweet edible nectar.


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