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Ceanothus sanguineus, oregon tea tree


Fast growing, it flowers well when young, often in its second year from seed.

All parts of the plant are rich in saponins - when crushed and mixed with water they produce a good lather which is an effective and gentle soap. This soap is very good at removing dirt, though it does not remove oils very well. This means that when used on the skin it will not remove the natural body oils, but nor will it remove engine oil etc The flowers are a very good source, when used as a body soap they leave behind a pleasant perfume on the skin. The developing seed cases are also a very good source of saponins.

A green dye is obtained from the flowers.

Prefers a warm sunny position but tolerates light shade. Tolerates some lime, but will not succeed on shallow chalk.

Plants dislike root disturbance, they should be planted out into their permanent positions whilst still small. Dislikes heavy pruning, it is best not to cut out any wood thicker than a pencil. Any pruning is best carried out in the spring.

Edible uses:

A tea is made from the leaves.


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