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Brassica oleracea, Brussel sprouts - Groninger


Open pollinated mid to late main crop, picking over a long period. Small buttons with sweet and peppery flavour.

Succeeds in full sun in a well-drained fertile preferably alkaline soil. Prefers a medium to heavy calcareous soil. Succeeds in any reasonable soil. Succeeds in maritime gardens.

Grows badly with strawberries, each plant serving to retard the growth of the other. Grows well with many aromatic herbs, these herbs help to repel insect pests. Some other plants that grow well with Brussels sprouts include potatoes and celery.

Edible uses

Leaf buds - raw or cooked. Well-grown plants produce an abundance of leaf-buds (looking rather like miniature cabbage heads) along the main stem at the leaf axils. These can be shredded and eaten raw in salads, though many people find them indigestible when eaten this way. They have a very nice cabbage flavour when cooked and are a very popular winter vegetable.

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