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Brassica juncea, Brown Mustard, Mustard Greens


Brown mustard is widely cultivated for its edible seed which is used to make the condiment 'brown mustard' and is also sprouted as the mustard of mustard and cress.

It has only 70% of the pungency of black mustard (B. nigra) but can be harvested mechanically so is more viable commercially. This species has also been cultivated in the Orient for many hundreds of years and a wide diversity of forms has been developed with edible leaves, stems, roots and seeds.

There is some evidence that if this plant is grown as a green manure it is effective in reducing soil-borne root rots in pea crops. This is attributed to chemicals that are given off as the plants decay.

Succeeds in full sun in most well-drained moisture-retentive fertile soils. Prefers a heavy soil and some shade. Dislikes very hot weather. Plants tolerate high rainfall and, although fairly deep rooted, are not very drought resistant.

Sow in situ from early spring to early autumn in order to obtain a succession of edible leaves. Plants may respond to lengthening days and dry, hot weather by bolting to flower.


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