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Artemisia dracunculoides, Russian Tarragon


Dual purpose herb, medicinal or culinary, also good ornamental plant. Strong Tarragon flavour. Potential as microleaf 60cm.

The fresh herb is eaten to promote the appetite.

It is very similar to A. dracunculus, but is more vigorous and hardier, Its leaves have a pungent and less pleasant flavour than that species.

Easily grown in a well-drained circumneutral or slightly alkaline loamy soil, preferring a sunny position. Established plants are drought tolerant. Plants are longer lived, more hardy and more aromatic when they are grown in a poor dry soil.

Surface sow from late winter to early summer in a greenhouse. When large enough to handle, prick the seedlings out into individual pots and plant them out in the summer.

Edible uses

Leaves - raw or cooked. The N. American Indians would bake the leaves between hot stones and then eat them with salt water. The leaves can also be eaten raw in salads. The flavour is said to improve as the plant matures.

Seed - raw or cooked. An oily texture. The seed is very small and fiddly to use.


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