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Lactuca sativa, Lettuce - Marvel of Four Seasons, Organic


Marvel of Four Seasons is a medium to large sized butterhead lettuce with round heads. Dark green leaves with brownish red colouring.

The garden lettuce is widely cultivated in many parts of the world for its edible leaves and is probably the most commonly grown salad plant.

Lettuces make a good companion plant for strawberries, carrots, radishes and onions. They also grow well with cucumbers, cabbages and beetroot.

Prefers a light sandy loam. Succeeds in most well-drained, humus-rich soils but dislikes acid conditions. Plants strongly dislike dry conditions, quickly running to seed in such a situation. Early and late sowings are best in a sunny position, but summer crops are best given a position with some shade in order to slow down the plants tendency to go to seed and to prevent the leaves becoming bitter.

Edible Uses

Leaves - raw or cooked. A mild slightly sweet flavour with a crisp texture, lettuce is a very commonly used salad leaf and can also be cooked as a potherb or be added to soups etc. 

Seed - sprouted and used in salads or sandwiches.


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