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Brassica napus napus, Rape - Malwira, winter variety


Malwira is a hardy winter rape variety. Leaves can be eaten raw or cooked. Added to salads or used as a potherb.

Immature flowering stems are cooked in much the same way as broccoli. The sprouted seed is often used as the mustard part of mustard and cress. Eaten in salads.

The seed is used as a mustard flavouring.

Also suitable for use as a green manure.

The seed contains up to 45% of an edible semi-drying oil, it is used as a luminant, lubricant, in soap making etc.

Sow spring or autumn in situ.

Succeeds in full sun in a well-drained fertile preferably alkaline soil. Succeeds in any reasonable soil. Prefers a heavy soil and cool moist conditions. Sunny days and cool nights are favourable for plant growth.

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